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How You View the World

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What do you need to have at work to be fully engaged?

What do you need to have at work to be fully engaged?
How You View the World


Is every moment of your day scheduled?
Absolutely, I have no time for spontaneous opportunities that come along
Pretty much, with only small windows of unscheduled time available
Not so much, I have flexibility in my schedule
Not at all, I have a very loose schedule

Would you strike up a conversation with a stranger?
Never, I am intimidated by strangers
Rarely, I am cautious around strangers
Sometimes, given the right opportunities
Always, I love the process of getting acquainted with others

Do you try new things?
Rarely, I prefer to stick to things I am familiar with
Sometimes, but it takes a push from someone to get me to try new things
Often, I am okay with "selected" adventures
Always, I love to experience everything new and different

Do you learn a new skill or talent each year?
No, I tend to build on what I already know
Maybe, but it usually forced upon me
Sometimes I get a "wild hair" and commit to learning something new
I proactively plan to learn something new each year

Do you read at least six books a year?
No, not even close
On average, I read 1-3 books each year
On average, I read 4-6 books each year
I read more than 6 books every year

Do you surround yourself with people who think differently than you?
No, I prefer to be around people that have my same views
Rarely and only when the circumstances demands it
It happens, but not easily and not without a reason
Yes, I love to hear different approaches and ideas

Are your best friends a carbon copy of you?
Yes, we have the same background, experiences and interests
Most are, although there are a few exceptions
It's a mix of those with similar backgrounds and interests and those who have different backgrounds and interests
No, I am most attracted to people who are different from me

Are you a risk taker?
Absolutely not, I take the safe option every time
Only when forced to take a rask, either by circumstance or by others
Sometimes, but only after carefully weighing the risk and determining there is a relatively good chance of things working out in my favor
Yes, I love the thrill and excitement of "going for it"

Do you look for the lesson in each experience?
I have to admit that I don't look at life that way
Yes, if it's pretty profound and apparent
On occasion I stop to consider what the experiences has taught me
I always reflect on what I have learned from each experience

Do you make your passions a priority in your life?
Not really sure what I am passionate about other than my family
I rarely find the time or energy to devote to those things I am passionate about
I do spend some time, but not enough, on those things I am passionate about
I make sure that I devote myself to my passions