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What do you need to have at work to be fully engaged?

What do you need to have at work to be fully engaged?


Pam Bilbrey and Brian Jones are recognized experts and sought after speakers with experience in leadership, team and organizational excellence.  In just the last few years, they have been honored to speak to over 50,000 professionals across the US, Canada and Europe.  They consistently receive outstanding ratings for the value of the content and the delivery of the materials.  Their engaging , high energy and entertaining presentation style combines  information sharing, storytelling and  best practices with practical solutions to the challenges facing today’s leaders.  

Whether a keynote, seminar or a skill-based training session, each event is customized to meet the specific needs of the audience and developed to make a lasting positive impact.  The format includes video clips, case studies, and participatory exercises to engage the audience in the learning.   Tools and materials are provided as a roadmap for implementing the “take-aways” in the most efficient and efficient manner.  

Some of the most requested topics include:

Ordinary Greatness:  It’s Where You Least Expect It…Everywhere
Ordinary people do great things in the business environment, but these individuals and their deeds go largely unnoticed.  Greatness gets overlooked on a daily basis due, mostly, to how it’s packaged.  Leaders simply fail to grasp what is right there in front of them.  Learn how to identify and tear off the blinders that keep you from seeing the greatness within your organization – and, in the process, drive higher performance, increased productivity, and extraordinary business results.  This presentation is a wake-up call for every leader who struggles each day to keep employees engaged and passionate about their work.  Ordinary Greatness will transform the way you see- and lead- within your business.

Ordinary Greatness:  15 Simple, Everyday Habits to Help You Create A Life of Success
No matter what your past (or even your present) looks like, you have the ability to achieve greatness – starting now.  You just need to hone in on the small things you do every day – those tasks and chores that may seem trivial and unimportant – and start doing them well, all the time.  This presentation reveals some surprisingly simple habits that can launch us from mediocre straight to greatness.  Practical “how to “ tools that can be implemented right away as well as a wealth of thought-provoking (and often deeply moving) real-world stories make this presentation an experience.

Promoting a Culture of Greatness:  A Powerful Force for Success
Culture is pivotal to the success and vitality of any organization – after all, “culture eats strategy for lunch every day of the week”.    High performing organizations know that carefully cultivating, monitoring and supporting certain cultural attributes will create higher employee engagement, higher productivity, better talent retention and innovative approaches to issues and challenges. In this presentation you will learn how to harness the individual and organizational competencies that support a culture of greatness and provide a powerful force for success.

Leadership That Drives Greatness:  Maximizing the Energy, Enthusiasm and Commitment of Those You Lead
What does it take to be a leader who inspires others to achieve extraordinary results?  It starts with setting the context for greatness by ensuring an environment that encourages everyone to work to the best of their abilities and is supported by promoting and cultivating the greatness that already exists within the organization.  During this presentation, leaders will learn the keys to maximizing the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of those they lead.  With a fresh and dynamic view of what it takes to be a great leader, they will leave the session with a set of best practice tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately.

Taking Teams from Ordinary to Extraordinary:  Practical Strategies for  High Performance
Teams are the foundation of successful management.  Yet, few teams are able to fully realize their potential for driving business results. This presentation covers practical techniques that show you how to build up and run a team that functions effectively and maximizes the performance of the team.  Establishing trust among team members, handling group dynamics and facilitating high impact team meetings are but a few of the strategies reviewed in this presentation.   Through real-life scenarios, the keys to working collectively are explored so that leaders walk away with tools and strategies to re-energize their teams.


Other topics available upon request.  Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .